We advise you by showing you the properties that meet your requirements and possibilities, and with our experience, we will help you in the negotiation, achieving greater benefit for both parties. Our job is to provide you with the greatest satisfaction when buying the property since this will be one of the largest investments of the client’s life.

Real estate legal advice

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Real Estate Legal Advice is very useful in purchasing and selling since we hire a professional in this area. This will ensure the legal security of one of the most relevant procedures in our lives, such as the acquisition of a home. 

Prepare the property for sale.

Once a property has been acquired, it must be prepared to give it visibility to clients. 

Contract drafting

Much of the work of the real estate consultant consists of drafting contracts, visiting parts and preparing the advertisements.

About the company

At the heart of Rennthai’s enduring success lies a clear and compelling mission – to redefine the art of real estate in Singapore. 

A meticulous commitment to innovation, sustainability, and community building underpins this vision. Rennthai envisions itself as a positive change catalyst, setting new industry benchmarks by embracing cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices.

Rennthai’s journey has been punctuated with remarkable milestones. From iconic residential projects that have become architectural landmarks to pioneering eco-friendly developments, their portfolio is a testament to their unwavering pursuit of excellence.

What People Say


What Our Clients Say about Our Company

Fantastic real estate portals for which we can export with a single click.
Carl Perez
Having dynamic and attractive page models allows us to differentiate ourselves from other real estate agents, avoiding the same pages and lacking information.
Dora Smith

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